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Daisy's Garden Spring 2015
Daisy Garden Spring 2015

Beverly Laila Nickerson embarked on her holistic healing path back in the late 1980s as a way to balance her own body mind and spirit. Her first profound natural healing occurred while attending The One Year Seminar, a rebirthing seminar that uses rhythmical breathing techniques to release tension and cell memory of trauma locked into body and strapped emotions that turn into chronic illness or disease. She has been using mediation sacred chanting as a way to calm and focus her mind along with crystal singing bowls, sound therapy and indigenous shamanic practices. Keeping the body in shape with consistent low impact aerobic exercise, turned into a part time career when she began teaching aerobics and personal training in women’s gyms in the early 1990s.

In mid 2005 when Beverly met with indigenous Peruvian Andean Medicine People or Shamans on tour in the US, they gave her a profound healing and intuitive reading session. This connection lead her on the next phase in her soul evolution and life mission revelation , that of creating the Sacred Journey's to lead people to beautiful places around the world to reconnect with nature and with. Indigenous Healing Traditions. The first retreats were to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Peruvian Rainforest, and Puno Peru. Her next journey lead her to promote a trip to South Africa connecting with the magnificent White Lions at Linda Tuckers natural preserve and working with the local songoma's of that region.

Beverly created Earth Light Promotion in 2006 after returning from her first sacred journey to Machu Picchu Peru. A profound realization of the need for holistic healers to have a marketing strategies to promote their healing practice out to a mainstream audience. She created deep personal relationships with many holistic health practitioners all around the Greater Washington Area. Beverly created the holistic networking parties for many healers as a safe place to network, and create business connections and personal connections. Over the last 10 years she has come to a deep understanding of holistic therapies and natural medicine by using it on herself to achieve optimum health and by attending many certification workshops, lectures, seminars, sacred retreats and holistic health fairs.. Beverly is a heart-centered being who was born empathic and energetically sensitive. Loving being near the ocean and the jungle, feeling the infinite vastness of God, there was natural progression towards creating EarthLight Sacred Retreats to reconnect with the beauty of nature and ancient indigenous wisdom.

Beverly is currently the Marketing Director for Natural Awakenings DC Magazine, working with hundreds of healers in the Greater Washington area promoting their unique holistic practices through vibrant color display ads and articles in print media and the online website of Natural Awakening DC Magazine. Also, working with she has created many websites that use search engine optimization techniques that helps get the holistic health practitioners many new clients, through potential clients searching the web looking for a more holistic technique to cure and prevent disease and chronic illness.

Training / Experience / Credentials:

  • Rebirthing One Year Seminar Jim Worsley 2 Years Training
  • Breathology Training Ayo-Handi-Kendy
  • Reiki III Master Healer
  • Shamanic Training Peru By Indigenous Medicine People
  • Practical Shamanic Courses Azurae Windwalker
  • Aerobic Instructor Certified AFFA
  • Personal Trainer Certified AFFA
  • Pranic Healing Certification
  • Promoter Indigenous Healers Peru Andes & Amazon
  • Personal Promoter For Dr. Vanaja Reddy ( Yogini) When On Tour US Chakra Balancing , Himalayan Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Chanting,Private Healings
  • Purium SuperFoods
  • Amazon Herb Company Representative
  • NYR Organic Skincare
  • University of Maryland College Park BA Theater Arts
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