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Are you living out your unique soul mission?

Do you feel fulfilled with your career and is it in alignment with your divine purpose?

Ever feel over whelmed when in a large public place, or in family gatherings are you are super sensitive to the negative emotions of others?

Do you know that you are very talented but still hold your unique gifts from the world in fear of failure?

Do you have a pattern of taking on others' issues, problems and are you giving too much?

Is it a struggle for you to achieve optimum health and to keep your body in shape?

Did you have a parent with narcissist traits or do you find yourself in intimate relationships with people who are narcissistic and who drain you; and after encounters you go back for more hoping they will change?

These are just some of the patterns I can surely help you with for I have been there, too. Over the years I have collected a ton of great golden tools that are neatly stored in my shiny silver tool box.

As a Spiritual Director/Coach, I have tools from A-Z starting with positive Affirmations to Zen Meditation that will put you on the path of discovering your unique soul path that leads to ultimate fulfillment for yourself and the world.

Tools I will use will unlock your subconscious thoughts that can be holding you back from living out your unique soul mission on the planet today!

Some Examples Of The Tools:

During these very uncertain times, I am offering a complimentary 1-hour zoom session to identify your goals, major blocks, and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Email today to get your 1 Hour Free Spiritual Coaching Session. earthlightpromotions@gmail.com

Dance Therapy/Ecstatic Dance
Childhood Wounds Clearing
Food Plant Based Superfood
Grounding Techniques, Feet in Soil
I Am Consciousness
Jumping for Joy!


Private Healings:

Just to name a few of the proven techniques I have used over the years that can clear the pathway for you to experience a fearless life filled with moments of bliss, meaning, adventure, excitement and peace.

If you would like a complementary 1-hour session for us to get to know each other better and share your spiritual goals, please call or email me today:


Energy Exchange $80.00 per hour min 5 session packages $360 with 10% off discount
10 Sessions $720.00

Anyone who is not employed due to Covid-19 is eligible for 50% off until June 30, 2020.





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